Friday, July 21, 2006

Mobile Boom Box

It is mostly the hip hop/ R&B enthusiasts(for want of a better word :p) who we could always associate with the loud, in-ur face kind of music.

You could always know when there was a hip hop party, from across the street.
The music used to come from the large boom boxes which were more speaker than anything else :p . Pity the guys carrying them around though ;) their shoulders must be made of metal. Blaring car-speakers, same thing. Reminds me of sitting in a 4WD... which was all woofer and nothing else!

The fun part is to see where the mobile fits in all of this!
I've seen guys use their W550i or W800 Walkman phones for either playing the background, where one of the guys start rapping to it.
Or, the phone would play the hiphop song out loud, like i remember waiting for a train. Sure makes you wanna get in the groove right then :p

Makes me think, what if they started Karaoke tunes for the mobile, where people get together...and croak to their heart's glory :D

I mean, rap is good... but what if someone started singing a love song ...GaWWWWWWWKKKKK!
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