Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What women want in mobiles (My Flawwed Opinion :P)

Obviously, I am keeping myself open for attack here.
But, my understanding of women(and I know its limited :-P ), gives me the following views:

A woman is a lot more expressive than a guy. Hence, she prefers a phone which is easily customisable.

A woman likes the written word better than the picture. Hence they would like a diary option on the mobile, which enables them to jot things which

happened in their day, and be able to easily share these articles with their friends, without struggling with the internet.
Since they enjoy chatting with their friends, they prefer being able to write long messages to their friends, without spending too much on it.
Hence, a Qwerty keyboard, is a lot more sought after by women.

A woman, doesn't care for complex names. Hence, the functions, and the relevant processes to access it, are all that they are concerned about. That is why usability is a major concern with women, compared to guys.

A woman, is much more frugal than a guy. Hence they look for services, which are cost effective. E.g. they would prefer to download a ringtone...which they would use for over a year, rather than download a new ringtone every week. They are also more likely to use Bluetooth messaging to message a guy at a bar, rather than go upto him directly. Subtlety is a preference here, rather than typical masculine brashness.

Pornography for women, involves sites like literotica, where, the focus is more on the written word, rather than the bare maximums :-P


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